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  • Emmanuel Omongo Kampala School of Health Sciences Author



Dispensing trolley systems , Smart dispensing medication , lightweight


Our design of a Smart dispensing medication trolley will be an affordable lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use dispensing trolley for busy healthcare environments with stainless steel construction making it hard-wearing, long-lasting, and less likely to harbor germs, while the built-in bumper around the base prevents any accidental knocks into walls altering its structure. Additionally, its structure will be assembled with extruded anodized angular walls with a wide worktop made up of different injection molds which will contain diverse coloration and labels corresponding to different drugs’ dosages. Drug packaging of different colors would be designed to be used in conjunction with the differently colored drugs’ molds in order to achieve the right drug issue in drug administration. An additional time-based alarm system with a control element to aid the reset will be in-cooperated in the design to handle the issue of the right time of drug administration. The design will also be incorporated with a patient-to-trolley tagging system as a means of uniquely identifying each patient to his/her dispensing trolley. The design will be integrated with guiding symbols pertaining to each route of drug administration to solve the problem of the right drug route administration. With all these design features, the design documentation will be reserved and revised by authorized project team so that the proposed dispensing trolley can adequately help health workers to adhere to the 5Rs of medication principles, resulting to the reduction in medication errors.





Section of Biomedical Engineering

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